Top Tip 3

You may have experienced bouts of discomfort at your workstation; this is normally as a result of sitting for prolonged periods in a static chair, or from repetitive actions that can have a damaging effect on your body. Sustained awkward sitting positions may also cause the odd pain niggle, that if left untreated, may lead to chronic and sometimes acute discomfort.

  • Take regular breaks; get up from your seat every 30 minutes if possible.
  • Place a timer on your desk to alert you to do this.
  • Spend 20 seconds doing something completely different before returning to work.

Stretch your body; take time to stretch your limbs, particularly those involved in repetitive tasks. Don’t wait for discomfort to set in before doing something about it. Developmental stretches sustained for 30 seconds or more, have a positive effect in maintaining the length of previously shortened muscles.