Sitting statically in a fixed often unnatural position can contribute to wear and tear of the spinal structure.

Its not all bad news though. There are things you can try to reduce the chances of suffering with long term back pain.

1. Make subtle changes in your posture regularly on a timed basis, for example adjust your bottom position slightly every 15 minutes.

Don't wait for discomfort to set in before doing something about it.

2. Take a complete break from driving at least every 2 hours.

Get out of the car and stretch your limbs, particularly your legs, shoulders and neck.

3. Make sure your arms remain slightly bent while operating the steering wheel, static awkward postures may lead to injury.

4. Place an 8 degree foam wedge on your car seat, this will improve your hip position and reduce disc compression.

Be aware that most vehicles will not fully accommodate you, so it may be that a level of compromise is required.

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Hi Ron, it was nice to meet you yesterday and thank you for carrying out such a professional assessment of Lisa. I have looked online for the cushion you recommend but there are various options. Would you be able to recommend a specific model/supplier for me so I can order one for Lisa?