DSE for Pregnant workers

It is a lawful requirement for employers to assess the risks associated with workers performing their daily tasks. The DSE pregnant worker risk assessment is designed to minimise the likelihood of potential workplace hazards causing injury.

We recommend that an ergonomic workplace assessment is carried out for a pregnant worker, even if they have been assessed prior to the pregnancy. Any changes to circumstances must be documented as they may present unknown risks.


We visit you and ensure that best workstation practises are being maintained, recommendations are given on the spot and equipment is recommended if required.

The assessment takes approximately 1 hour and includes a careful analysis of the current working environment and any potential difficulties are highlighted as the pregnancy progresses.

We consider:

  • Workplace activity. What is expected and what can realistically be achieved.
  • Task analysis, working duty and bodily impact.
  • Postures adopted.
  • Environmental impact including heating and lighting.
  • Equipment recommendations such as a footrest.
  • Swelling in the lower extremities due to water retention is common so a footrest is often required.
  • We supply a report following our visit that detail our findings, this includes our recommendations for equipment if necessary.

Typically an onsite DSE Pregnant Worker Assessment can be carried out NEXT DAY, with a full written report to follow.

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A DSE pregnant worker assessment can be booked online or you can call us 07896 869 073. Please complete our online booking form, detailing any problems you have experienced and we will do our best to assist you.

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