The Importance of Workstation Assessment

Three in four office workers blame desks for sickness: Badly set up desks and chairs cost companies £7bn each year. Read the full article below.

The government has set guidelines to protect display screen equipment users from possible harm relating to the workplace. It is the duty of the employer to ensure the health and safety of employees who may be affected by their work activities. The legislation includes a number of British standards which each office space needs to be compliant with.

Risk assessments must be performed regularly and include;

  1. Looking for hazards.
  2. Deciding on who may be harmed.
  3. Evaluating the risks.
  4. Recording the findings.
  5. Reviewing regularly.

Once we have assessed each employee we will inform you of our findings and show you how to do your own assessments in the future. Often risk assessments highlight ongoing issues for some people and in these cases a more in depth Level 2 assessment may be required. We will give you guidance on how to deal with any issues raised by these individuals.

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